29th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon 2015

The registration is finally open for 2015 climbathon in Mt Kinabalu. As usual, yours truly only concentrate on the trail and mountain run this year.

I am not joining summit race as am not qualified yet, but i have registered for adventure race of 23km.

Wish me luck. Am conquering Annapurna, Rinjani and Kinabalu this year.

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  1. Ohmygod! You’re so hardcore! Are you going alone or with friends? Best wishes babe!

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hahaha i will going aloneeee. See how, on whether i can convince everyone around me to join 😁😁

  2. Lol awesome, sometimes I would wanna do that alone too. Well, let’s see. It’s tiring to convince some friends sometimes coz of different interest but no harm asking. Cheers~

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hahaah yes, beside.. U make frens along the way there. So its still okay

  3. Agree too! Friends too always ask why I’m going places alone but if for trip or travelling would prefer another friend to come along. Still figuring where to travel alone (my wishlist, hopefully it can come true) hehe I climbed KK mountain last year, it was really very nice and cold. 😛

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