Salomon Speedcross 3


I lost, 3 precious shoes amounting more than a thousand of ringgit as those shoes are inside the car that got hijacked. Damn robbers. 

I lost my newton performance shoes (that was the shoes that i wore for my first HM and FM). My nike free meant for gym shoes, and merrells minimalist that you couldn’t even get the model in Malaysia. Damn you robbers. 

Luckily my trail shoes, brooks cascadia is still with me. But the shoes made my toenail broken during the TMBT and SCKLM run. So, i need to source for new trail shoes. 

Since world of sports giving out up to 25% of discount of any 3 items, i got this straight away. 

Introducing… Salomon Speedcross 3. Will use this for my Annapurna trekking and all the ultra trail marathon 🙂  

Love the color, love the self-cleaning spike and the cushion. You really need the cushion for the ultra-distance. 

I was torn between the normal speedcross, the CS (climashield) and also the GTX (goretex). In the end i just choose d normal ones. 

I love the purple color too but of well. I like it girlish pink. 

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  1. Nice shoes. Is it really comfy and cushion?

    1. anggun3 says:

      Yes, its comfy. Wanna try this out for a run this weekend 🙂 il

      1. Will it be too bouncy with the spiky up on the base? Hee

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