my first run in 2015 going to be men’s health women health night run in Putrajaya, 2 weeks from now. 

I collected my race bib n tee from sportsdirect.com shop at Subang Jaya today. I love the ter from karrimor. Good choice of color and material. Classy looking tee. Love it. 

So, who is going for the run? See you guys there !! 

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  1. See you there too! Where to meet? Haha I love the tee and the colour too! Btw you’re wearing size S, so petite la you. 😀

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hahaha its gonna be fitting S as am bulk up already. Well, see u ard d arch putrajaya?

      1. Haha too humble girl. Err the arch is? (I’m quite blur at times hee)

      2. anggun3 says:

        There’s one big archhh.. U will notice it 🙂

  2. Before or after the run shall we meet? 🙂

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