March 2015

hello everyone, As you can see, I recently change my blog template to be more, photoblog format instead of just all words. I love the new template and, I know it’s a hassle to click on the images to read on the post, but.. it does tempt you to click on it right?

How is everyone doing so far? It’s been a tough 2015 for me.. so far. There’s good and bad things happened that (hopefully) making me stronger. The police have yet to recover my car. I don’t know how am I going to settle the insurance. I am still in the midst of preparing the documentations for the insurance company. Am just waiting for the police investigation report now. Apart from that, I have to rent a car to move around. Means that I am paying double for the car now (there goes my bonuses).

How do i feel? Jaded? Yes. Overwhelmed? Yes. Renewed. Yes.

I get to know (and to get my eyes open), on who is important to me, and who doesn’t. I get to see who is the real friend, and who is just artificially be there for you (the fuck that technology, can’t replace your presence unless you are 1000 miles away from me). I get to see the real people, and on whether I matter to them. Or not.

A warmed heart, becoming cold. An infatuation, becoming pain in the arse. And, this situation enlightened you on who is grown up, and who is still living in the high school drama. I will cherish those who, that matter the most, and I will distance myself from those, that taking me like, just an acquaintance.

Anyway, what’s in store for me this March? Well am going to be 30 by end of the year. Feeling old? Not really, but I feel wiser. Have I achieve what I aim for in my 20s? Few major milestones, yes. I did it.

But the question now is, what is my aim in my thirty’s? Let’s discuss in more detail here.

1. I have learn a lot through out my working life of 6 years. I know there’s a lot more to learn, but in my 30s, I would like to further expand my working experience to be, better Landscape Architect. Perhaps an Associate, before am opening on my own.

2. This may sound odd, but I need to seriously think about companionship. Not that it’s peer/family/society pressure, but two is better than one isn’t it? I am fully comfortable on my own. I can stand on my own feet, at the lowest period in my life (and still standing), I have no problem eating out alone, or not talking to anyone for 3 days straight. I succeeded at overcoming everyone’s fear of being alone. I can face the worse enemy, myself.

But, now I wanna try to experience, whether having someone on your side would make your life better and colourful. I want to wake up to somebody snore, or to fight who going to do dishes. I want to cook for two, or bake cake on the weekend. I want to be someone plus one, or am bringing plus one to any invited function. I want to compromise all the thing i have: time,  priority, etc with someone that would make me smile in the end of the way, or to warm my heart.

3. Mini me? Sharing and passing down DNAs, and creating life. Nah, not that am in dire of having one now, just that I wonder how would little ones look like? me?

4. Diversifying my investment portfolio. Need to find ways to earn more. I am smart. I should know this.

5. To get place to call ‘home’. I have identified where would my next address be. Just that, I need to save at least 100k from now on, as a deposit to the new house. and, that is one exclusive address in KL.

6. I need to move on.

7. milf. LMAO. ROFL. LOL.

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