Imagination, expectation, planning

I can imagine that am having 5 kids. I don’t want them to be alone like me. I know it’s a trend (and financial-related) to have just one or two kids nowadays, but I want them to experience siblings, and competition at home. I don’t have a chance to experience that, I won’t let them deprived from having one. I was at Jake’s, Damansara Heights having dinner just now, and was observing the next table family, parents and 2 girls, probably in 13 and 14 years old. I was asking the great one, how am I going to afford to sustain life, and to take care another 2 kids. What about the expenditure etc. Food, school fees, clothes, entertainment etc? He said, I will have to adjust accordingly. If government servant, with less than 3k monthly salary able to take care a family of 6, why can’t i, isn’t it?

I was browsing thru new places to rent as well, in which I can’t even afford to rent a studio, let alone buying property in KL.

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