Something funny happened when I reached home from the gym.  My house gate is not equipped with an automatic slide gate opener system. So  upon reaching the house,I have to open the gate manually. 

We have recently changed our gate to bigger, heavier (with solid steel) and nicer (you know, those black & gold pleated & a flowery design) than before.  If I’m not mistaken, it is a 10 ft x 8ft and weigh more than 60kg.

When I was pushing the gate just now, I did it with my left hand and WITHOUT putting much force to the gate (Imagine: opening those glass sliding door). I did opened it delicately.

But somehow it move beyond the gate railway stopper & eventually lose its balance and FELL.

I was stunned. I pushed the more than 60kg gate with my left hand without putting much energy and it FELL.

It fell and crushed all my mom’s flower pot. 


Guess my weight-lifting workout for months work afterall.

Though my arms still look flabby but hey, I can push the 60kg (or more) gate & it fell!

Impressive ey! 😛

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