Notebook/Messenger Bag


Look what I have purchased today.  Braun Buffel Men Messenger Bag supposed to be in my wish list but I can’t afford to buy that as I am (cough) trying to save some kaching (cough) for my 3 trips within this 2 months.

Instead, I choose Belkin messenger bag for notebook up to 15.4″ in chocolate/tourmaline. I was considering Dove/Peony but I guess its too cheeky for me. I want something that I can look ‘handsome’ carrying my gadget. mwhahaha.


Owh, and I bought the latest addition for my mac family too; Apple Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter.

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  1. JB TOLING says:

    Hi nice Braun Buffel bag, how you find the functionality and quality? By the way, im a coffee addict as swell ….Cheers 🙂

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