Sea of confusion

My thoughts jumble up. My mind can’t think straight, nor even to decide which path to go. Too many possibilities, that I don’t see anything clear and easier.

I am confused. Scared of the opportunities, lies in front of me. I am scared to choose, because am greedy and I want it all. I am being frank but I would choose lifestyle, over money. I do moan and groan a lot about money but, when you weight the two- and two together, it’s …

You know what I would choose. But then again, I don’t want to be poor as I am now, but I don’t want to be under appreciated.

Which path shall I follow, and what decision shall I make? I wish I have somebody who really understand me, to help me to decide.

I take every opportunity given to me, I don’t waste it so far. But is it right to pass good opportunity so that, you can be happier?

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