Beautiful Dirty Rich

Last night was fun. It was a girls night out. We shout our lungs out to release all the tension and stress we got throughout the week.

I started this week with a nice eat out *dream* and thinks that the week will go on like that. I wish it was. It turned out to be as hectic and as stressful as any other week. Even worse, a big P presentation preparation, site visit which I get shot with mouthful of questions that I can’t answer, client pressuring me& i have to effin’ submit TWO eia reports in 1 week. OMFG. The pressure builds up to the point I can go bonkers, for real.

Same goes to the other colleagues. Oh come on, informing us 1 hour before the weekend start on the submission enough to make the office upside down. darn.

So we released everything last night. ha,ha,ha. Though the food sucks big time, I still ate a lot as yesterday, I had one nasi lemak-ish except that the rice is yellow in color I bought at shop in front of All Saints. You guys know which shop I’m talking about.

I skipped friday lunch as I was terribly in bad mood and stressed that I need to submit the eia report next week before thursday. And I might travel to meow city for a meeting at the time of the submission. I don’t know what’s the schedule yet for next week. 

OK back to the stress-release karaoke girls night out. We shouted out lungs out, we sang tuts my barreh as well as ken lee. 

I can do tenor voice! I can sing as deep as Micheal Buble. wooohoooo. 😛

And of course I can go up to five octave too. bluek.

The rest of the group wanted to join the guys (pronounce: gays :P) at D’Junction but me & D have to call it a night. In the end, everybody call it a night too.

So, here I am, saturday morning – curling up on my bed with my laptop on & a book to read. I wish the weather will be okay later as I feel like taking a long walk at Likas jogging track. Been a while since I ‘power-walk’ there. 🙂

But it rained 😦

Guess I just have to curl up on the bed reading Adeline’s Chinese Cinderella book.

Have a nice weekend y’all.

I need this break to prepare myself for another suicide-week. 🙂

p/s: I really need a weekend gateaway. pronto.

p/s2: I’m kind of addicted to Lady Gaga’s Beautiful dirty rich. Catchy!

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