Volume 5: Redemption

Ah. I’m waiting for my flight back to BKI! Finally! 1 more hour of waiting then I’ll be back to my much-love-KK. Dang. and don’t know how many McD coffee i drank today. Oh well, the site visit lasted for about 40 minutes. Can you imagine? This is absurd. Oh, well. I can’t complaint much….

Stranded in LBU

Hello! It’s tuesday morning & McD LBU airport becoming my temporary workstation for today. Taken the earliest (and the only morning flight) from BKI for my 2 pm appointment with the DOE officer at my Project site today. I’ll be flying back to BKI at 9.50 pm. OMFG. I’m spending my whole tuesday in Labuan…

Short update

Hey ya all! Just a quick update on this lovely sunday night. Life been a routine here in KK in which I hate the most but some tiny dust spark made it a lil’ interesting lately. Work-wise, I’m finishing every Project and I’m anticipated to start the new, huge ones. Better opportunity brings bigger responsibility….

Jazz @ CUBE

I just came back from CUBE Restaurant for a nite of jazz music & wine tasting. Well, the premises featured local jazz bands showing off their talents and skills. Thanks to Justina & Peter for inviting me to go. At least my thursday ain’t that bad (refer to the previous post). Credit to Elson for…

Gloomy thursday

Arghhhh. I’m terribly not in the mood to do anything today. I feel like taking the rest of the day off and go back home & sleep it over until thursday end. Seriously I have nothing informative to blog about today nor any personal update from me. I just not in the mood for thursday!…

Classic Devil Eggs

  Refer to the previous Tanjung Aru picnic weekend with fellow tree-huggers, I voluntarily prepared garden salad & classic devil eggs for the clan. Talk about devil eggs, it was the first time I tried this recipe & I can’t believe how yummy & simple it is! 🙂 All you need is: 1. Hard-boiled eggs…

Chill & Grill

BBQ grill at Tanjung Aru Yes, I’ve been busy. Hence, the lack of update here. Enjoy the photos! 🙂  

Happy Birthday

                                                                                              TQ guys! 🙂    Yours truly,  iDa xoxo