Volume 5: Redemption

Ah. I’m waiting for my flight back to BKI! Finally! 1 more hour of waiting then I’ll be back to my much-love-KK. Dang. and don’t know how many McD coffee i drank today. Oh well, the site visit lasted for about 40 minutes. Can you imagine? This is absurd. Oh, well. I can’t complaint much. Work is still work though most of the time today I’m on facebook (Hey, I am still working okay!) 😛

Anyway, I come to realization that how much I love Labuan, I can’t never called it a home. I’m a proud KK-ian & will still called KK home, even if I married to a Labuan guy (touchwood) or guy from Labuan, sorry peeps. 🙂

Oh i noticed that the double cheese burger in Labuan look exactly like in the advertisement! OMG. U can’t never get that perfect double cheese burger in KK or even in KL. The way they presented it was so perfect. Two thumbs up! (sorry, no photos. I’m too lazy to use my baby)

I’ll be arriving BKI at about 9.25ish. ah. finally. Need my bed so badly.

Heroes season finale!!! OMG. I LOVE Nathan Petrelli but will I be able to contain my love for him for the next Volume 5 since … he is Sylar? Oh no! I just hope that the power that Matt Parkman has able to change one soul and not just the physical. 🙂 

BTW, somebody hasn’t keeping in contact with me. I wonder why? Move on already? 

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