Reviewing 2011

Hey, this is a bit way way earlier that I normally do. I need to keep myself in check and to keep me sane. This emotional turmoil has taken a toll in my life. I am enjoying december but I am experiencing mixed painful heart-shattering moments. I do. Try to hold it up together, keeping chin up and wearing that pretty smile.

Okay, with reference of my 2011 resolution post, below are the list of things that I should do this year:

1. Need to maintain my health – meaning a toner body, higher metabolism, awesome skin, and to concentrate on becoming a women. Meaning I need to maintain a strict exercise regime (pilates, tennis & gym workout), drink lotsa water,  focusing on appearance and to enhance the inner and outer beauty. :) Gals, watch out your man next year :P

Okay, I don’t really keep up with my health. I got sick so many times, allergies for months, runner’s knee injury, and what’s not. I am so so sorry my dear body. Will keep you in good condition starting next year. I promise you that! More water, toner body, better metabolism, and awesome skin! More tennis & workout (this include swimming). Watch out your man next year? Yes, hold on to your guys next year girls ! Imma gonna be as awesome as ever! Swear on my soul !

2. To graduate with distinction for my Msc and to continue further. Amen.

Alhamdulillah. I did graduated with MSc in Landscape Architecture this year. 

3. To love and workout my awesome thesis. I need to put my heart and soul into it. Yes, I promise! :)

I nailed this !! 

4. To get an awesome job! Awesome means extremely generous and interesting job scope and the ability to travel all around the world. weeee :)

Oh I am working an awesome job. Salary wise, maybe not as awesome as I thought. Or probably I am fresh graduate. Anyhowww, I am planning for the same job scope with additional of opportunity to travel all around the world. (Beaming positive vibes to the universe)

5. Travel. travel and more traveling this year!

I did travel to Singapore. A solo traveling. woohoo! 

6. Will try to keep positive in life, laugh things off and enjoying life!

Oh. I did. Still doing it, even during the hard times. Down low. I still managed to be positive (even if I’m denying, and ignoring the hard cold fact).

7. I want to get my life organized, help others and to learn something new (this include to learn how to swim)

I am organizing my life here in Penang, and it’s been all well. I get my own crib, ride, awesome social network, tennis clan, awesome colleagues. I am helping my friends the way I can. Learn something new, I did but I can’t share it here. xx

8. Yeah. To spend more time with friends and family :)

I spent my time most of the time here with friends. I am no longer a loner (only when I needed a time break and ME time only). 

9. To get creative and loving what I’m doing, whatever it is :) Taking risk & building confidence.

Oh I am so doing it now. Doing creative things and I am loving what i am doing now. I do take risk & confidence from all the down low experience

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  1. Mostafa Ne says:

    Applying project management and performance measurement techniques for life! Awesome! All the bests for 2012 and I do hope you achieve even far better than your expected goals in the coming year! Cheers

  2. anggun3 says:

    yes! all the best for you too mos for 2012! let’s nail 2012! I’m planning for better 2012. 🙂

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