Stranded in LBU


Hello! It’s tuesday morning & McD LBU airport becoming my temporary workstation for today. Taken the earliest (and the only morning flight) from BKI for my 2 pm appointment with the DOE officer at my Project site today. I’ll be flying back to BKI at 9.50 pm. OMFG. I’m spending my whole tuesday in Labuan for a 1-2 hours site visit.

Anyhow… I’m facebook-ing, MSN-ing, and reading some report examples so I’m not totally wasting my time here. Lucky that I brought my macbook along with me, or else I would be killing myself over boredom by now. ha,ha. 

Though I’m free, I’m running out of idea on what to blog about now. So I shall stop here, or else I’ll be wasting your time reading some useless writing from a gal trying to kill time. 😛

I went to the gym last night for my cardio dance & workout. I realized that my arms getting bigger in diameter due to the dumbell workout. I shall stop my weight resistance workout for a week or so.

Oh did I mentioned that I swear that I will never ever board on fokker 50 anymore after the SDK-BKI incident. Oh I swear my heart almost stop beating when I saw the fokker parked at the A4 gate. Darn. 

MASwings should be changing all their planes to ATR by now!! No more Fokker! Urgh. I hate it. I just hope that my flight back to BKI wouldn’t be a fokker (I hope so, it’s a transit flight from KUL). 🙂

I’m figuring out what to do in Labuan before and after the appointment. After all, I’ve about 10 hours to kill. 

OMFG. Kill me!

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