Short update

Hey ya all! Just a quick update on this lovely sunday night. Life been a routine here in KK in which I hate the most but some tiny dust spark made it a lil’ interesting lately. Work-wise, I’m finishing every Project and I’m anticipated to start the new, huge ones. Better opportunity brings bigger responsibility. Argh. You know what I mean?

Ain’t going to complaint about it & I am accepting it with arms wide open. 

For the past 2 months, I’ve been spending most of my time outside the house in which my parents start grumbling on me treating my house as a hotel. I always leave the house as early as i can for work & continue spending few hours in the gym, working out & then off to late night movie with someone. Phew, no wonder they are complaining. 

But! I’m not a 12 year old gal trying to sneak out from the house to meet my crush. bluek. I am a responsible, young woman trying to balance the time for work & social life. I got to tell ya, once you start working, there will be less time to socialize and meeting new people. It is very hard to divide your time between work, life and family. Unless you are working for the family company, dating a guy that are your relative and he is already called a family even though you are not yet married to each other. ha,ha,ha,ha. 

Anyway, I spent my weekend at home to topple up back again the time I spent outside the house, or else I’ll be getting that death stare again & the sour face. Sigh. Parents. Refused to fathom that their child has grown up. 🙂 I’ll play by their rule but I’ll twist it to my liking 🙂 and whal-la! win-win situation. I’m a genius. bluek!

Having serious conversation with the great one at San Francisco Coffee yesterday & I confessed my lust on iphone to the great one 😦 I even ran to the Warisan Maxis Centre to get the rate plan for further discussion. I am tempted but I’m having second thought. Unless I got it for free -iPhone Singtel from rich girlfriend like some people, I won’t be having a second thought.

I never stop humming on foolish senses & heaven by Estrella. Estrella is the local indie band with jazz/acoustic/pop rock genre. Oh I looooooove foolish senses! Apart from that, I’m currently listening to Mocca too, Indonesian music band with a lil influence of swing, bossanova and jazz. I am particularly liking the ‘it’s over now’. 🙂

I think I’m infatuated… with jazz. ha,ha,ha. What are you thinking? 😛

I can’t wait for Dinawan trip!! woohoo! Oh, and I’ll be flying to Labuan this week and next week too for site inspection and one-stop agency meeting. *knee shaking, sweating, shivering* Wish me luck!

Ah.. It’s time that I need to fly to KL for retail therapy. and other stuff 😛 

My workout? Oh I love every minute of it & I am currently building up a 6 pax. Yes, laugh. 😛 I am almost thereeeee (more tricep & lower back workout needed) but one think that I hate, I’m losing my boobs. Not losing ‘losing’ but as in, I used to have bigger boobs than now & all these workout make it shrink. Maybe it’s the ideal, real deal size of mine but I need those fat to accumulate there! I hate push-ups! and ain’t that sexy without any support anymore. OK perkier, nicer but I need to get those fat again to accumulate to my chest. ha,ha!  Enough said!

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