Tuesday Scribbles II

I am uberly exhausted from today’s work. The whole morning I was busy networking with the rest of the colleagues, mwhahaha. We were discussing important things without moving an inch from our desk (which means we were using gmail chat to discuss & gossip. Today’s office atmosphere was a bit laid back as the boss was away to some seminar. 

The headache came after lunch when I have to attend the consultants meeting for my Project. I was dang sleepy when they went into details & which doesn’t really require my attention. Dang, I was the youngest among all in the meeting room. Lucky the chairperson was generous enough to discuss the matter pertaining my side early in the meeting. and lucky the KK architect & CS engineer helped me & backed me up instead of just me explaining the whole process EIA thingy to the client. Most of the time, I kept quiet as they were discussing in more details of the structure, traffic impact etc. Anyway, I can’t discuss further much here. But it was an eye-opener to be in the same table with one of the most notable developer, architect & even traffic consultant in Malaysia.  I have google-d some of them & based on their experiences, I feel so dang small as compared to them. No worries, I will be at the same level as theirs now in the future, amen. 🙂

Oh, I am still listening to the E=Mc2 everyday. I’m starting to like a couple of songs. More than a couple actually. But as usual, I’ll end up liking the whole album. So, yeah. My review would be a bit bias. Ha.ha.

I need to work on my photography skills too. But I just can’t find time to work on that. Since my cousin housewarming will be shifted from this saturday to friday, I think I am going to make a trip somewhere to polish more on my photography skills. Maybe to Tanjung Aru perhaps? I have yet to make a trip to the Sunset Bar there. Ha.ha. Me & my friend also planning to make a trip to Dalit beach as to where the Shangrila Rasa Ria located for another round of hangout. We just love to hangout at the sunset bar. Only thing is the Rasa Ria bar is called Sampan Bar instead of Sunset bar. 🙂

Do check out the Sunset Bar & the Sampan Bar. Both are from the Shangri-La hotel chain.

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