The absence of light

It is a norm to have a power-shut so frequently here at the Land below the Wind. So if you are new here, don’t be panic. Relax & curse every second you can and walla! The power will be back on, in freakin’ jiffy of time. dang! I was enjoying myself during the bodyjam session when suddenly around 6.40 pm, the whole of City Mall blanketed with darkness. The instructor was just about to combine all the latino cum hiphop moves into one set of movement when suddenly the power got cut-off. I waited until 7.30 pm before going back home. meh! Thought it’s going to be just in an hour of darkness, but it lasted 3 friggin’ hours. meh!

Nothing much happening today at work, except that I went to the EPD with the boss & discussed the current situation of my projects, both my mixed dev & quarry. ah. I can’t discuss much in detail here due to ethics (so my dear stalker reader, you got to ask me in person if you want to know more on the status of my work, meh!). I met with the previous officer & technician and later being introduced to the head of division. 

I submitted my first EMP draft to the boss today! yeay! I’m 1 day early of submitting the draft. 🙂

Tomorrow I have to attend the consultant meeting for my second project as the boss will be away for the seminar. dang. There will be the biggest developer, C&S Engineers, Architect, M&E, and even Traffic consultants will be there. ah. Some more, there will be KK & KL consultants for the aforementioned parties. I have yet to decide on the other executive I’m going to drag to the meeting. 

I got to study the DP & earthwork plan for tomorrow meeting. I’ll blog again later. ah. 

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