Terms of Reference

Yeay, I have received the approval of my scoping note today! So tomorrow I’m going to submit my Term of Reference (TOR) for my mixed development Project. Approval of TOR will take about 2 weeks & after that, I got to submit the draft of d final EIA to the client to review before submitting it to the relevant party. But before realizing the final EIA, I got to get the final development plan, drainage report, earthwork plan, soil investigation as well as geological report from other consultants as well as the client. dang. That will take ages. On top of that, I got to start going out & do the socio-economic survey & do the air & noise monitoring as well as water sampling at various proposed area.

As for my EMP, i have received results from the laboratory in Kuching. I have key in the data to the tabulated table in the report.

I have received the topographical plan from the client too for my quarry Project. Dang. I can’t open the soft copy of the plan. It is in .dwg file but my progeCAD can’t seem to open the drawing. Argh! I have predicted the possible surface runoff for the proposed Project. Hopefully the boss will not ask me to stimulate it in 3D or something. My knowledge of CAD is just up to editing the drawing & not up to the level of projecting the 3D from the 2-dimension. Or whatever it is. Lets just ask the draftsman to do that for me.

It was kinda quiet in the office just now as one of the executive away to some seismograph testing, 2 went to the seminar with the boss & 2 of the technicians are still away at the East Coast. There were only 6 of us in the office just now. ah.

I went to the gym to work out after work. Dang, huge crowd at the weight resistance floor. I joined the latino dance workout too & as usual, I enjoyed it very much. Today’s rhythm & steps were fairly fast that I sweat a lot. 🙂 great work-out! Thumbs up to the dance instructor! She rawks! 🙂

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  1. Scott says:

    I think your error opening the .dwg file in progeCAD is probably due to the file being created in Civil 3D, rather than standard AutoCAD. Go back to the originator of the file and ask them to explode any Civil 3D objects and then you should be able to open it.

    iCADsales.com sells an application for doing Civil Survey work called progeEARTH. COGO, DTM, Road and Site Design. More information and a free 30 day download is available at http://www.icadsales.com/index.pl?id=3545.


  2. anggun3 says:

    ahh tq Scott! I have refered the matter to the person & resolved the problem 🙂

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