Gimmie back my weekend!

 I just love sunday! ah! Yesterday I was in the office the entire afternoon until 10 pm. I helped another executive to finish up the annexes etc for her report that need to be submitted this monday. and Yes, we need 20 copies for say 2 Harry Potter thick book. Imagine that!! dang. Even the drawings to be attached already close to 100; imagine another consultants CV, results for noise, air & water, relevant standards, geological report, soil investigation, and etc. For 4 solid hours, i was folding the A3-size drawings to A4. We need about 2000 drawings to be folded. argh! Prior to that, me & the assistant drove to Damai to buy 2 boxes of A3-size paper. So in conclusion, I was dead tired yesterday.

Though as tired as it look, I still hang out with Jessie after 10 pm at McD drive-thru Sulaman. Ha ha. Hey i need to take my dinner/supper as well right? 🙂 

I can’t waitttttt BKI-KUL! Seems that another cousin would be in the same flight as me on the 1st of May! Hahaha. and another closest cousin would be flying to KL a day before 1st. So the whole cousin-gang would be in KL! 🙂

I just love to drive from d Sulaman McD back to my house around Likas Bay! I love the coastal road along the bay! 🙂

Today I got to go to my cousin’s house at Kingfisher again. ah.

Gimmie back my weekend!


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