A plan to execute, failed!

Its funny that everything that I planned today doesn’t go like it supposed to be. I supposed to seek advice from one of the hydraulic engineer on some questions asked from the EPD and I scribble down what I want to talk to him. When I’m on the phone with him, I don’t even follow the sequence of what I scribbled. LOL.

Same goes with if it’s not raining, I’ll go to Likas jogging track for power-walk and/or to tennis court.

Guess what, no raining and I didn’t go for power-walk and/or tennis.

Instead, I drove down to Devi’s to satisfy my craving for indian food. I had rawa thosai, mutton and a teh tarik. Yummy.


Then I drove to the opposite of Api-Api and wanted to do something ‘interesting’ to my hair. (OK, OK, I’m going to highlight it.. bored with plain black). Upon entering the salon I was greeted by friendly english-spoken (finally) lady and the senior stylist. 

At last, I finally found the place for my hair in KK!

I always go to the salon in Telawi, Bangsar for my haircut and treatment when I was based in KL. I always love the ambience, and the staff. They are very friendly to me because I’m a Sabahan and they all are Sarawakians. LOL. So I feel like home when entering the place.  And of course, the famous Sarawakian hairstylist based in his Bangsar outlet.  He was the first person to cut my hair in KL and I’m absolutely LOVE the way he cut my hair. Of course the fees a lil bit higher than the normal rate but I’m satisfied with the result, so it’s okay. 

Winnie, another senior stylist in Bangsar outlet is the first person to color my hair and I so love the result. 🙂

Upon entering the premises just now.. I can feel that I will feel that ‘feel good’ emotion as what I’ve experienced upon leaving the Bangsar outlet. 

I can’t wait for my thursday appointment with the stylist! 🙂

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  1. Sally B says:

    Hi there… I discovered your blog by accident when I was googling away to do some “research” on 1borneo.. since then, I have no idea why on earth I keep coming back for more! So from then on, whenever I need to get some “what’s new” from you, I use the keyword “1borneo+gibberish”!! No kid..! Hahah.. I sound very pathetic.. But I think you’re one fun Sabahan gal… just like me, at least I used to be.. Hihih..
    Anyway, I’ve been away from Sabah since Uni years and been KL-based for 10 yrs now.. I’m soon moving to Sabah to work and thanks to you, I’ve got some idea on where to go, to eat, to play etc from your blog.. I think I’ve been “following” your blog for the past 2 months now..
    Keep blogging away, baby!

  2. anggun3 says:

    helllo Sally! i am glad that you find my blog very informative in getting info about kk in general. it is a great pleasure to blog about things I’m passionate about. Im truly grateful that i have you as an avid reader to my blog. lol.
    well good that you are moving back to kk & i hope my recommendation help you a bit from scratching head to find the necessities (places to go, etc) as i was having trouble finding it myself when I moved back from KL.
    Anyway, keep on reading my blog! many thanks 🙂

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