New York New York!

I went to 1Borneo (again) with my cousins, nephew and nieces to watch Madagascar 2 and to dine in at New York New York. One of the latest must-go restaurant in KK! Well it is an all-American cruisine with everything in LARGE portion. Phew. Definitely not ideal for small eater like me but if its ‘meat’, I can consider myself a big-eater. Especially JUICY sirloin steak! 🙂

We had GIANT burger that 5 of us shared together.


I quench my thirst with strawberry somethin’, I can’t remember but it taste like my Dome’s Cranberry Juice. 

My nephew had a steak & it was YUMMY and JUICY. I like! Next time I shall eat the steak.

For dessert, we had chocolate fondue. Today outing arising from yesterday chit-chatting on the Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue that we all had before.

16112008525 (p/s: all pictures taking using Nokia 8800 slider belongs to my cousin, Im still using the cheapo phone remember? so NO CAMERA PHONE for me and I didn’t bring my baby).

So next time you are in 1Borneo, don’t forget to drop by New York New York restaurant for their YUMMY food.

(Music on: Frank Sinatra – New York New York)

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