Gadget screening

One of the requirement during field work for EIA is land-use survey within 1/3/more km radius from the Project site. I applied the same principle to my visit to 1Borneo cellphone fair at the centre court today. I see lotsa promoter wearing Celcom blue tee and I guess, bluek.. another celcom promo tour. LOL.

What really attract me to go to the centre court was one roller banner with apple logo on it and ‘iPhone 3G’. 

My feet automatically shift my direction from going towards Charles & Keith to the centre court. LOL.

and guess what, I played with X1 today! OMFG.. it fits perfectly to my hand (hint, hint)

se_xperia1But… it cost about 3888MYR here as in 15 Nov 08. dang.

Then again, what directed me to the centre court was the partially eaten apple. the 3G in black.

iphone2This beauty cost about 3338 MYR for 8GB here. 😦 

Lookie, lookie! Price for these two precious consist of my favorite numbers, 3 and 8! Good sign! 🙂 

I visited nokia booth as well. I was thinking, maybe I should opt for simpler phone. So I was checked out N85 today too. Cool spec. dual-slider. But since s500i, slider phone not good for me. This is the cheapest phone that I checked-out. 1788MYR.


Other than that, I visited HTC booth too. and checked out HTC Touch Pro. Impressive spec, nice QWERTY keyboard but very thick. Cost about 3099 MYR.


I wanted to try out HTC Touch HD, but they are running out of stock today. sigh. HTC Touch HD retailing at 3399 MYR. Not bad, another model to be iPhone-killer.



Oh god, please help me decide. 

Oh, and I was thinking of getting Blackberry Bold too. But what I don’t like about this is the commitment (to the service provider of course).


Another baby that will be under my observation for the next few months. HTC/T-Mobile G1 (or whatever the name is). This phone will be installed with the new OS from google, Android. More info here!

Only available for US market ATM! 🙂


Hmmmm. But after all the screening etc, I can conclude that iPhone still hold the winner title for the most responsive screen that I’d ever play-with. Despite the shabby-spec and hardware requirement (2MP camera phone, oh come-on Mr Gates, you can do better than that!), I still love the safari and iTunes in it. 

HTC, Samsung and SE has come up with better spec that are comparable (and some, even better) than iPhone. but I still want …(fill in the blank).

aww I can’t write good gadget review.. as my opinion and liking will always tilting to mac products. LOL.

Enough said!

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