Subject Specialist

It’s been a while since I blog during office hour. mwhahaha. yep, workload getting heavier, meeting getting frequent and constant chasing of clients and deadlines becoming everyday routine. Well, only facebook keep my sanity & of course, bottomless coffee.

Yep, I’m juggling my time on 6 projects on hand right now. WTF. Six! I’m on my second draft for the Labuan project and pending for review.

While updating Chapter 2 of the EIA (Chapter 2 on the EIA requiring information on the EIA Study Team for the Project), I was stumbled upon one column called Areas of Study in EIA and Registered Areas (Only apply for registered consultants, me:not!).  I am supposed to key in the former for myself as in my contribution to the report. This will eventually, overtime.. will be used for me to register as a consultant (after 7 years of working experience for BSc/equivalent and/or 5 years of working experience for MSc/MEng/equivalent – correct me if I’m wrong). 

So, I don’t know what Areas of Study in EIA shall I put for myself. Im clueless. Shall I put scheduled waste management? Solid waste management? GIS? Air quality and odor? Bluergh. I have NO idea. 

This issue interrelated with what Masters I want to do next year. Shall I continue my study on MSc? or MEng, MTech or MEngSc? I don’t even know what I want to do my for my dissertation paper.

I need help.

Or at least, for now.. I need to know what I shall type in that column.

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