You probably read a lot of review for this salon. The salon frequently visited by celebrities and socialites here, and my first time stepping into the salon to color my hair.

I made an appointment through their website. They are pretty open with the price etc, so you wouldn’t get a shock when you get your bill. I choose Lucas as he is the only one available for the slot in the afternoon. My appointment is at 12pm, at their publika outlet, and publika is just 5-10mins drive from home.

Initially i wanted to do digital perm to my hair as i already keeping it super long for it. However, my stylist said that the bottom of my bleach hair can’t be permed because it is literally hair-suicide to put more chemical to it. Okay. Then i asked, ‘what is you recommendation?’ He said i can cut my hair short and perm it or just let it grow and just color it for now.

I said okay, lets just color it and i let it grow more for the perm. I said am interested in coloring my hair in grey ombre with a hint of red/purple streak like kyle jenner. However, to achieve the grey ombre, i need to bleach the hair again. I said no, and what other option that doesn’t require bleaching my hair. He suggested some copper-ish kinda ombre but i feel its kinda boring. Typical color. I’ve done that color before.

So, what else? He said, what about like an ash grey with a hint of green (and show me his instagram photo). Green? Since am in the carpe diem mood, i said let’s go for green.

Hahaha. It’s matte ash with a hint of green hair for me then.

After the coloring, i go for their ultrasonic Iron hair treatment. It was such a quick process without putting any heat. He just sorta use the flat iron device with the ultrasonic function for the treatment, and second & third treatment done at the washing sink.

The effect is amazing. I love my hair from hint of brown at the top to black and a few streak of green at the tip of the hair.

What impresses me more is that, my hair is amazingly soft. I never had hair this soft in a long time.  I feel sexier with darker shade of hair, long, and soft. The treatment included 4 tubes of take-away hair mask that i supposed to use once a week for a month.

They gave me a membership and discount voucher for the next visit.

I can see myself going to this salon more often in the future.

p/s: Photo credit to my stylist. I dig it from your ig-acc, if you don’t mind!

Number76 located at Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

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