Prana chai 

Do you fancy masala tea? You can always order masala tea at your local mamak/indian stall here but if you want to do the hipster way, head to the The Forum at Desa Sri Hartamas. I come across this when I visited this restaurant and their speciality is the prank chai. Being a coffee-centric, and I was thinking to myself, chai for a change? Sure, why not. I opt for soy milk instead of fresh milk.

Boy it taste nice.

Basically you mix up the spices and soy milk in the stainless steel stove top pot, and let it shimmer. Strain it to the cup and wallaa… would you like a cup of tea sir? Ha ha.

The video above shows I am pouring the tea over the strainer.

They serve the tea in the pot and let you pour it to your cup. Prank chai brand came from melbourne, but they jazz things up and came up with a hipster way of drinking a (literally!)  masala chai that you can get at the roadside in anywhere in India.


Being such a hipster myself, I purchased a set of prank chai starter pack. You got to dig in their website and Instagram for the local dealer who supply the brand to Malaysian market. I ordered it, and the dealer hand deliver it to my office. Awesome.

Me trying on my starter kit at home. Well, it was nice to drink tea once in a while instead of coffee 24/7. Yes, I drink like 5-6 cup of coffee everyday. This is bad. Too much sugar and caffeine.

You can try prank chai at The Forum, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

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