Right hand side driving

Hello everyone! I am back from another hiatus! I guess age really catching up. I have yet to complete my post about Hawaii and it’s already September 2018 !! #serious procacination

Anyway, I just got back from another amazing trip with the JTB girls. JTB stands for journey to bulan. Don’t ask me how the name derived from. LOL. Let it be, just me knowing why. 🙂

Recent journey of me was exploring South Korea. We started the journey from Seoul, taking the high speed train to Busan, and then taking the domestic flight to Jeju island. It was a laid back, free style trip where, we don’t have to wake up early, and we did A LOT of shopping.

But my great achievement was, to finally able to drive on the right side of the road. You see, Malaysia is a left side driving, the same as UK and some other Commonwealth countries. Attempt to rent a car in Maui, Hawaii last year to go for Road to Hana but me and my travel partner were having doubt of driving the other side of the road.

Please don’t insta-story and drive guys. This is during red light stop. 😅

But I brave myself, went to JPJ to apply for International Permit, booked the car (at 70% discount!), and voilaaa…

We drove around Jeju Island (I drove 1 & half day, while my friend drove another 1 & half day when we were there).

I guess that is one of the #achievementunlocked this year (apart from finding out grey hair from my head).

Btw, i booked Kia Ray car as shown in the photo but when we get there, they gave us Avante which is slightly costly than Ray. Oh well.

this is avante btw.

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