ANA Business Class Experience

I recently attended ANA Business Class Experience at Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur where ANA exhibiting their new business class menu in collaboration with Zipangu Shangri-La. My friend informed and invited me to this event and we RSVP ourselves on saturday morning, the first slot.

I thought this going to be private affair where (rolls eyes) you RSVP your slot and you get a chance to experience what they have to offer within the slot time-frame you RSVP. Oh well, little that I know, that I had to come like half hour early to queue up. Another long queue to try their dishes, experience their Virtual Reality ANA experience, as well as trying out their seat.

I am not that  ‘jakun’ with their seat. I flew business class before, local and international flight *rolls eyes again* but I do take photos at the seat display because I want to join their facebook contest *rolls eyes again.

My experience? Bleargh.

Too many people for such little space to showcase whatever they are offering. I have to queue to get in, i have to rush to take photos, I have to queue for the VR thingy, I have to queue to get the such a miniature of the salmon salad. No body there to actually direct or greet or whatever.

I clearly just wasting my time there. Doesn’t feel like business class-y thing thought it was held at 5 star hotel.

Just my few cents.

p/s: I love their travel kit though. That was the only thing that doesn’t disappoint me.



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