Random babbling


I can’t wait for tomorrow! Ah. I’m going to attend another basic statistics for SPSS workshop morning, and then I’m flying down, down back to the ol’ KL. Awesome!

I’m going to drop everything in Penang (even my thesis and tennis) for a weekend adventure of retail therapy. Ah. Yes. I am hoping that my hair stylist will be at his Bangsar salon too so I can do another remarkable makeover. Mwhahahha.

Please don’t get shocked when you see a tanned blonde pinoy walking around the campus. Mwhahahaha. 😛

I am tired of my nice-down to earth hairsyle. I get another compliment for another friend of friend of mine just now, “hey, I’m (fill in the blank name), nice meeting you, I love your hair”. hahaha. Pergh. Point blank statement! Ok I’m being vain tonight.

I’m trying to check out and survey another better racquet at my favourite pro shop in Bangsar. I hope the uncle that always string my racquet still there. And a few other hotstuff young fella that restringing my racquet at Bangsar Village (I wonder why I keep on in need to restring my racquet everytime, Ha,ha. The hotstuff stringer kot? hahaha).

Probably, I’m considering getting tennis shoes too as all of my running shoes are getting worn out. Yep, this include my favourite nike moire. sob sob. I’ll be checking out for another awesome dresses around too. And perhaps another makeover at Bobbi Brown counter? Yes, it’s about time to get a full set of make-up now. I’m running out of everything. teehee.

I’m hoping I can catching up with my bestie too. I hope she’s not busy this weekend. A lot to catch up!

Gosh. I can’t wait to work. I can’t wait for my traveling adventure. Is there any job that require me to travel around (apart from being a pilot/air hostess). Ha,ha. Yes, I am awaiting for that moment. 🙂

Told you, it’s a 3 am random babbling. So thank you for reading this. Ciao!

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