Gastronomical break


It’s all about gastronomical-adventure to the little town with twin tower recently.

I need my time-break from Penang, and I need my time alone.

I do enjoy excellent wine and dine 🙂

Complimentary bread, dipped into olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Seafood Cioppino -Mussels, calamari, clams and shrimps sautéed in white and tossed in a spicy marinara sauce. Served with fettuccine pasta

Fruit juices, soda and red

Cheese platter -blue, brie and mozzarella with fruits and toasted garlic bread, taste good with oyster bay

Toasted garlic bread, good enough to substitute a fresh baguette

Sinfully delicious Godiva dark chocolate cake

Cappuccino with a dark chocolate. yummy!

These are a few food that I managed/remembered to capture using my bloody mary. Sorry, I didn’t bring my baby this time. There are few others like the curry mee at Manjalara, Ganesh’s Section 14 thosai, etc.

Above pictures taken from the dining outlet of Italiannies, The Gardens; Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulevard; and Godiva Chocolatier, Pavilion.

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