Post Master’s


Should have blogged few days ago but I am (as usual), contemplating about nifty things and also procrastinating. I have finally, completed my thesis i.e. minor correction, printing, submission to the school and that wrapped up my Masters degree.

Apart from that, I’ve been selected to be in the varsity’s team for the upcoming inter-universities sports events. I’m the bottom player in the team and I’ll be playing tennis. So please expect me to be more tanner than I am. I need to increase my endurance too, get back to my fitness level and to increase my metabolism (and also, to lose few ahem, pounds). and to brush up my strokes (and serve). I am ambidextrous, I’ll make sure I’m making the full use of my both hand, I’ll stick to single backhand drop-shot and left hand volley. Call me silly, but I am me. Don’t care how many coaches will shout at me at the court. I’m playing iDa-style yo.I got a month to do all that.

I’ve been thinking thoroughly on what is the next step in my life. Work? Yes. Study? Yes too. Tennis? Of course. Just that I’m not geographically confirmed yet. I love Kota Kinabalu too much, but I need some place where I can grow too, and to achieve the two aforementioned goal too. I’m not going to elaborate more on that, let’s just some decision I keep it for myself. Sorry my dear reader.

One of the lecturer approached me and asking me whether I am interested in pursuing a PhD on the almost similar topic that I’ve covered in my MSc. It’s a-too-good-offer-not-to-reject but I have thought on other topic as well. I am asking the great one on whether I can patent the idea before I am sending it as a PhD proposal. Yeah, the patent thingy will cost about thousands but I don’t care, I can’t keep up with people stealing my ideas from what I propose/write/talk about. It’s intellectual property guys. Now, I have the right to sue you. Yes, I am damn serious about it. Mark my word.

As of now, I am hanging around the campus ’till the tournament. I’ll be applying here and there, and to work on other stuff too. To be in a relationship? Too early for me, thank you for the offer though. I’ll think bout it, okay?

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