A dream is a wish your heart make

I have a lot of dream, in which… I still believe it’s truly will come true, soon. But some dreams, reality woke me up in the worse case scenario. And I woken up, jaded. Bitter. and, losing hope in other dreams that I believe in. That is the great coming to the thirty years old gift, I received.

I went for a movie last night with a good friend of mine. We both share the same passion, the same hope and thinking positively of everything, and believe everything will come true. But both of us, are in the same shitty situation. The movie, Cinderella.. rekindle us with our dreams, we need to hold on to it. To realize it, so long the heart wish, dreams will come true.

What the fuck am I talking about? Reality hits.

Shut the fuck up.

Move on.

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