8 minutes

Hello all. I just came back from the border for some air-changing environment. Well,   it was filled with relaxing body & mind. and a spicy food that really tickle your senses. Your tongue that is. Apart from that, I can see other people, and culture struggles for life. It’s a sad fact but we got to fathom the situation they in and how they choose their own path. Some do for pleasure but others, they were not given a better chances to move forward in life.  I simply not degrade them though they hold one of the oldest profession in human history. And yet, they have been degraded as a low-ly societies for centuries. Dignity can be swapped for a bowl of rice. I totally salute them for having such a hard time and yet, survive from societies, war, economic pressure and so on. It’s the same thing I saw in Philippines. They were like a fish, where there were a room with a one side of the wall is covered with glasses so that people from the outside can see them, and choose which one to take back to the room. It’s sad to see them being treated like that.

Ok, on the other note,

I am officially 2 kg heavier. I hate that. I’m still 110+ lbs though but  the down side is that my waistline getting incapably unporpotional to my other part of the body. However, my boobs blossom! I love it, love it and I can’t get enough of holding it.

Dang I need to tone down this holiday. I need to. I WANT to. Going back to Core? Yes! See you all there. (p/s: and don’t forget to check out my boobs, before it shrinking again :P)

As for my masters programme, semester 1 is finally over. My land survey examination ended last monday. Not going to hope good things this semester. I’m just happy that i learn a lot this semester. Some things can not be defined in just getting an A. A skill indeed can not be graded. I am grateful that I learn something from it. The grade may not be as what I expected (pardon me, I’m always have that high-achiever attitude, blame it from my upbringing) but I’m going to get lose this semester. Doing the otherwise of ‘me’ should have been doing.

Though some of me can not be changed entirely, I’m opening new experience and practices to flow into me. I’m opening up myself to new experience. being late, being not on top and being.. laid back. Great. Lots more to learn & Im not complaining about it.

I will be flying back to KK for a month of holiday. I’m going back to work (no surprises there), taking up acad classes & if I’m lucky, I’m looking for a tutor to teach me how to render in watercolor. I need to soften my strokes & broaden my horizon in color mixing as well as building confidence in trying new things, skill of rendering, etc. So, anyone in KK willing to tutor me to watercolor? Please, please, I need to improve my skill on that before next semester start.

I can’t wait for new year 2010! I’m going to welcome it with smiles on my face & in the arms of. ahem. myself. 🙂

It’s been a good year (tune: It was a very good year- Frank Sinatra), I can’t wait for new things to come to my life.

p/s: I’m reading 8 minutes – Paolo Coelho

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