On holiday

He y ya! I’m back at home & crazy busy juggling between my workout, home, acad training as well as the photoshop CS.  I’m on my one month semester break & I have sooooo much to catch up before the new semester start.

I need to equip myself with a knowledge in acad, photoshop cs & sketchup pro.  On top of that, I NEED to improve on my water color rendering for the next semester studio.  I have yet to contact all the possible tutor. Thanks guys for giving me contacts to the artists around KK that can help me improve my watercolor rendering.  I will check em out soon.

I bought a book on PS CS4 from the Times bookstore. Well I’m enjoying learning it by myself as the book is a complete training package with a full-color, step by step instructional book and a video training from Adobe certified experts (so as they say); and when I google the book, particularly in amazon.com, the book has one of the highest rating for the cs4. Good. Good.

I’ll start work next week. Phew.

If I can finish up acad classes by next week. I can start my watercolor the soonest possible, and I’ll have 3-4 weeks to improve on the watercolor rendering.

Ok, got to go back to my lesson 4. 🙂


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