It’s been a while since i posted something decent & informative here. All these while, it’s only updates & complaints about my miserable life here. OK, not so miserable lah. But I feel I could be happier at some place else, you know what i mean?

It’s been like 4 months I’m back home but I feel that my mind & my heart still left at place I supposed to be. I’ve been thinking & feeling that I’m still there.  I just need to bear for another 10 months or so & we’ll see where I be by then. *wishful thinking*.

Again, this post would be another informative-less as I am running out of idea on what to blog about. I need to read on the book i purchased months ago & I will review it here. Perhaps I could discuss something serious like String Theory here. Ha ha. Dream on.

I’m starving. I need a dose of instant mee. LOL


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