I’m a coffee-junkie.

and now, I’m craving for junk fewd.

I feel like having fries, onion rings & a root-beer float.

I feel like driving to A&W Drive-In PJ outlet (the one next to Taman Jaya Putra LRT) now.

ah… too bad, I’m not in PJ. 😦

I want their waffles with syrup & ice-cream on top too.

The one and only outlet in Sabah closed down 4 years ago due to competition & not-so-strategic location.  It was located at Likas Square, 2 minutes away from my house. Though I personally feel that A&W burger sucks big time, but I still enjoy their root-beer floats & onion ring.

I’m craving for this 2 item now. Help me.


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