I am waiting for my plane in the boarding room now. Lucky I bring my macbook everywhere so everytime I have to wait for something, I can just kill the time by going online. Luckily in KL too,  practically every corner is wireless covered area. Hmmm I wonder what happened to the WiMaX thingy that supposed to be implemented in the Klang Valley area. I think they need time to cover the whole of Klang Valley area & put up the infrastructure, study the feasibility of the connectivity, testing it and etc. I am sure the first few years, those wimax going to be sucks, big time! Sorry to WiMaX people, I am not underestimate you but usually the pilot project going to show flaws etc & I am sure it will improve over time. Ha.ha. 

Anyway, I am using the KLIA-LCC wireless connection right now & terribly cursing every minute of it. I can’t even establish the connection for my Mercury program (It’s a MSN-client program meant for Mac).  Hmmm probably I am sitting far from the router, so I can’t blame the connection for being like a turtle. LOL.

The great one pick me up & sent me to the airport just now. Before sending me, we drop by Ganesh for the last round of rawa thosai, chicken varuval & a teh tarik. Yummy. It was touching when the great one were asked by the lady boss of the shop of why I am not going to the place to eat anymore. awww. I’ve been practically eating almost everyday for the past 3 years. I am sure everyone recognize me there & know what I want to eat. LOL.

I am so gonna miss KL! Not that KL is the best place to stay ( I still LOVE my Likas Bay, great blue-sky/ocean, fresh air, GREEN, laid-back atmosphere) but somehow I fall in love with KL too. Not the first love though (KK still the first! LOL). 

By the time I’m typing the line, I’ve got another 20 minutes before boarding. Hopefully this flight won’t be delayed or something. LOL. Grace just texted me and said she’s still stuck in Malacca, on the way back to KL. Sad, can’t meet her before I board. Oh well, I am sure we’re going to meet again 2 months from now. and our end-year shopping Singapore trip!! 🙂



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