I’m having tea at Starbucks, Gardens near to the connecting bridge between the Gardens & Midvalley now.  Not much happening today. Just that I went to my final round of shopping. I bought stuff for mom & dad too. A bag for her & yummy pineapple tart for my dad.  Meanwhile I bought heaps of stuff for me. Mwhahaha.

I think I have found ‘the one’! I was at Isetan, Gardens just now; looking for a bag. I have found, touch, hold & even smell ‘the one’. It is one of the Salvatore Ferragamo bag like the one I mention in my previous post (Click here!). The one is so gorgeous, pure off-white leather! I was dumbfounded when I look at those. dang! But then I didn’t get it despite the temptation to just take the bag & runaway from the store without purchasing it. ha.ha. It cost about 2 & half months of my salary!

ah! Wait till I save enough money, then I’ll definitely take that item to my collection. In the mean time, I bought the white hip CK bag after 3 times of back & forth trip from the Gardens to Midvalley. Ah. I found another off-white/greyish CK back in Robinsons store but cost 3 times of the price of the bag I purchased but its pure leather. Maybe next time! 🙂 Oh, no. No more next time for me. Next time would be Salvatore Ferragamo for me! 🙂

Other than that, I was trying to locate Tower Records at Midvalley but then I just realized that the store is not there anymore. I searched for it in the directory & seems that they are not a tenant in the mall anymore. So sad. I then headed back to the Gardens to the Rock Corner to buy a couple of CDs.  Mainly I want to buy CD that is not available in KK for couple of genre like Bebop. I was hoping to get the 1950s live concert of Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. I do have the copy of the album entirely in my iTunes playlist but I feel that I don’t mind investing on GOOD music. In the end, I bought another album of Monk & a Jazz compilation album (Thelonious, Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, etc). Oh btw, the guy helping me finding the Monk album is quite impressed with my taste of music. mwhahaha. Not so many young people is into Jazz Bebop nowadays. 🙂 

I bought another rosy-color ethnic print skirt from Isetan. I have been eyeing on that skirt since last December. However, I want the skirt in apple green but only the rosy-red is available at a very discounted price. When I first saw that skirt, it cost almost 200 bucks but then today I bought it for just less than a 50. LOL. 🙂 good! 

I bought another white-color bag for my mom too. I just remembered that the Mother’s day is just ’round the corner. So I bought the bag for her then. 🙂

The great one will pick me up here & send me off to the airport. ah. I’m gonna miss shopping in KL. 

N’mind. I’ll come to KL in August again! For my convocation. 🙂

p/s: I was at the Machines, Gardens just now too & toying around with Macbook Air. Very impressive design but such an overprice item for not-so-impressive spec. 🙂

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