Hey. Yes, long time. 🙂 Been out of town last weekend due to work trip to east of Sabah, particularly Kalumpang & Pang Burong Basin for some public perception survey. Yep, I’m still involved in the river pollution assessment studies. Not the Kinabatangan though :p It was hectic & fun trip nevertheless.  I am currently busy dealing with the stats of the trip due tomorrow. Oh help me, I should be finishing the excel part tonight but instead of doing work, I’m watching Australia. he,he. Good movie.

Did I mentioned that our 4WD broke down in the middle of oil palm plantation without any cellular signal, and the nearest main (and asphalt) road is more than 15 km away? bummer! Lucky our competent technician able to resolve the car issue in few hours time.

I won’t be posting the trip photo here except for the below. We stop by the fruit stall because I was having a craving for tarap (Mangifera pajang). Ha,ha.

Keh keh. off to bed! Good night 🙂

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