Dear reader,

Do you really understand what is the morale of the story here for every posts? OK, not all post though but do you get what I’m trying to say? Say, in Hollier than thou (H.t.t); do you know that I’m sarcastically said that Malaysian wants to be H.t.t. and expect everyone to be the same especially the leader? But in reality, everyone is a hypocryte?

Hmmm.. when I read back what i wrote, I seriously can not get what I’m trying to say there. So, yeah. The title of this blog suits the content: Serious thoughts & gibberish sayings.

 ah! I feel so miserable. I’m hopeless & I’m sick. Started on the antibiotics last night. Now I’m trying to concentrate to get rid of the huge forehead zit! dang! and I’ve got a job interview in less then 72 hours!

God bless me!

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