Dizzy Daisy


June29, 2005. 9.09pm

A whole new world- Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

Phew, what a day. Went for movies with Jessie today. Hahaha. we watched War of the World in Gsc then off to Cps for the Initial D. The plan was to watch the War from 12 to 2 then continue from 2 to 4 for d Initial D but when we arrived for the 2pm movie; it was full house! argh. So we watched the 4oclocks session then. And now im feelin a bit dizzy cuz of the movies. i dont know bout others but both movie were great.

so, better hit  yr nst cinema to watch these movieseare then. Haha! cuz Im not gonna talk abt the movies here.

I dont know myself well lately; i think this week im into punk rock. Been downloading lots of punk-rock type of songs.
And, finally! i DL-ed the Yi Lu Xiang Bei song that feature in the Initial D movie ( the part where Jay’s crying. haha)

Ok, enuff said now. Ciao.

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  1. Grace says:

    Hey!! u DLed yi lu xiang bei? so ??? DO U LIKE IT? i m like NUTS into this song, and RITE NOW, stillll nuts into JAY CHOU! well, i mean, i cant help it, coz i saw him, the very same jay in those concerts housing thousands of ppl! the same jay, playing the piano with such skill, the same jay creating all those amazing albums and music. and the same jay…. who impresses me everytime. hehe. well, i m not some silly fan, i m rational. but i really love the movie, A LOT. and i m gonna watch it again, and i cant wait for u to be back, gurl. read my email, i wrote lots bout me….so….write back too k. oh gosh, i love jay’s voice in the ylxb song.its like husky….

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