So far, how’s the holiday going?

> fine.2 weeks more. argh.

What was the last thing you were upset about?

> cant get a tics for d Initial D last saturday.

You okay about it now?

>not really. sigh.

What do you want?

> class to start, shopping  spree etc

What’s your newest hobby?

> going 4 movies?

Who do you like doing it with?

> friends 🙂

What’s your most favourite thing that your bf/gf gave you?

> 🙂

What’s your display picture on MSN right now?

> my pic

What’s the last thing you found out?

> tht i wont answer some losers calling me

What’s the last thing someone messaged you about?

> hmmm gnite wish.

What’s the last thing you ate?

> burger?

What do you think of yourself?

> imperfect, a monster, and still naive. hmm.

How much credit have you got at the moment?

>70 somethin’. dunno le

What do you really want to do with your bf/gf?

> make him all mine. lol.

What’s the last thing you told your bf/gf about?

> gnite.

What did he/she say?

> 🙂

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