War of the World (my world tho)


6.46pm. June20,2005.

Shake off-Mariah Carey

Phew, its really worth waking up early; waiting in front of computer since 8am for the registration. haha!

n yes; i managed to register the lanscaping basic as my ELF subj! (yeay!)

eventho’ a day b4, the 3rd or 4rd year students took all the place in that subj but luckily somebody dropped it and me filling in! 🙂

Managed to register for Limnology, chemical analysis for ES, Env pollution, Env assignment, spoken english for professional and dances (for d Ko-K) and of course my lanscaping.

The only subj tht i cant register is Marine Ecosystem. Well, cant blame anyone; i logged in at 9am sharp n its full; maybe seniors filled up the class and left no place for 2nd year students. 🙂

anyway, 20 days to go b4 all the stress and assignment and late nite studies and shopping. ;p

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