Day 1 : Relocation to Penang

Hello ya all! I’m blogging from my room at Tune Hotel. Oh, how cheapo this hotel is, makes me realize I rather splurge on other amenities rather than stick to the basic. Yep. Ha,ha. But I shouldn’t complaint too much.

I started off the day by taking the first (and only) direct flight BKI-PEN which takes about 2 hours & 50 mins. Oh the captain, drop dead gorgeous,  i tell you! 🙂 

Landed 20 minutes early & hoping that I can catch the academic briefing at 10 am. Upon arrival, it was already 10.05 am & guess what? They just started with the welcoming speech of the dean (in which supposed to start around 9 am?). ha,ha. After the tea break, we were ushered by the coordinator to the landscape studio. They were expecting 16 landscape architecture students registering today. I managed to get to know my first classmate, an Iranian guy. Very friendly & helpful. Oh and Nicholas Saputra is in my class. I’m serious! hahahahahaha! Ok I’m kidding. Saputra look-a-like is what it is. 🙂

After registration, I was walking around the campus trying to figure out what to do next. I supposed to register myself at the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) but I have yet to settle my tuition fees. I encounter problem that the fund allocate for the tuition is in my maybank account.  The bursary do not accept my debit card! I was so devastated, tired & hungry at that time. Luckily there were 2 international postgrad students, an African lady (i presume) and another hottie South African (I presume too) helping me out. I can always register tomorrow, but then in order for me to get the accomondation in campus, I need to register. I walked to the International House & managed to book a room there. However, the lady in the office can’t promise me that I might get a room there.

My second choices (should be the first) would be referring to the housing department to get a room in the hostel.  It is located at the southeast of the campus while the HBP (Housing, Building & Planning) located at the southwest, approximately 1.8 km away. Some more, it is located off-campus but facing the Bkt Gambier gate.  If I want to stay outside the campus, it is convenient for me to stay around Sg. Dua or Batu Uban. Of course in campus is the most convenient as I can just walk to the class. 

Anyway, my attempt to register formally failed today. I almost gave up & wanting to go back to KK. But the great one consulted me & said go on with what I have planned.  Imagine, I am walking around with my dang crocs biting my feet with my almost 10 kg hiking bag carrying my certs and macbook around. I almost cry walking from the international house to the Tekun hostel. OMG.

I did site surveying for the whole campus and its surrounding. Thanks to the site surveying skills i pick up from my tree-hugging job, I managed to map out the area in my head instantly.  

I sorted out the dilemma of taking preparatory classes for those come from non-construction field.  I will be taking basic land surveying this semester along with the core subjects such as GIS, basic ecology, botany, graphic studio as well as theory & philosophy of LD. 

I can’t wait for the classes to start but at the same time, I am terribly scared. I hope I can switch back to student-mode thinking just in time for class.  ah. 

Another long day tomorrow.  I hope ya all in KK doing just fine. I terribly miss you all! 🙂 

Can’t wait for the great one to come to PEN.  We’re going to have a hawker food feast! char koay teow! chee cheong fan! hokkien mee! orr chien!!!! sup kambing!! and the ice kacang. ekekekeke. and the woo tau koh. *drool* ok, enuff of food! 

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  1. Anne Juan says:

    Hello Ida! Wah, so fast dee in Penang. So excited for you ler. Your course sounds so challenging and complicated. If i were to do that, pasti die kaw kaw. Cannot master at all. Anyway, All the best to you, and I believe you will do very well! Oh btw, how’s your accommodation like there? Take care there!

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahah yep anne! classes start tomorrow. had a confusing time registering myself at the postgrad institute. lol. well I hope I can take the drawing n sketching classes. theory classes should be the same as what ive studied in UM i.e. botany, ecology n all.

    Im staying at International House within the campus. Lotsa foreigner & postgrad studies staying here. At least a bit relaxed hostel environment as compared to others. he,he. 🙂

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