Moving in


Good morning everyone! I am here in my room in International House, having my coffee and muffin.  I started moving in last night & spent the whole night cleaning & scrubbing the room.  The room has a dusty smell. Now, all you can smell is apple green. Thanks to cheapo Tesco apple green liquid floor detergent & the antibacterial spray cleaner. Ha,ha. 

It is such a nice room meant for foreigner and postgraduate students.  I am lucky to have check in to this building (I thought so). However, there are a few things that the building maker overlook on the design of the rooms.

  1. It is a room fit for one but 2 rooms adjacent to each other share one bathroom.  The bathroom air circulation is so poor. They should have install exhaust or some kind of fan to take out the hot air out.  However, I fail to see one. In the end, the smells and the air retain in the bathroom.
  2. I am staying at the ground floor, near to the main building.  No sun shine to my room (which is good), so the room stay cool. But the problem is, I want sun to shine to my room in the morning! Awww. I love sunshine.
  3. The location of the room without any direct sunlight makes me have to switch on the light even on daylight. Waste of energy.

I detected two wireless i.e. USM hotspot & TM hotspot from my room. Unfortunately, both cannot be connected. Yikes. I need to figure out what wireless/broadband/wimax provider I need to subscribe to.

I did more site survey & time myself by power-walking from my room to the tennis wall.  I managed to identify 1 tennis practice wall (in which 4 person can practice at the same time) near to the track & field stadium at the north-east of the campus. It takes me 20 minutes to get there. It is quite a distance, but I will soon polishing my tennis skills once I am settled with classes schedule and buy a tube of tennis balls. J

I can’t wait for my first studio class this Monday. It’s going to be hectic. The lecturer warn us that, anyone pursuing to get married or something in between, better to put the plan on hold and those who stay single, to please remain single for the next two years. Ha,ha. I kinda startled when she warn us. I know, perseverance is important in surviving the next two years of my life.  I hope I’ll strive (wishful thinking).

On the other note, I hope no one forgot about me back in KK. I do not receive any news or hi, how are you yada yada except for my ex-colleagues, which call me almost everyday. 😛 thank you ya’all. I know some still calling me regarding the work, I don’t mind. It’s the only thing that left for me there. J Please hassle me with more phone-calls yeah?

I have yet to explore Penang on my own. I know the way from Georgetown to Jelutong, Gelugor, Bkt Gambier, Sg Dua and the road to Queensbay as we rented car to move around for the past two days.  My dad driving whiles me, the co-driver instructing him on where to go.  I use my nokia map and GPS to know whereabouts.  Ain’t that hard to know the road system in Penang.  I’ll try to get someone’s car to drive around Penang. Oh I hope I have my own car here (wishful thinking). You know, once you get used to driving, you can’t tolerate anything lesser than that. Ha,ha.

I went to IPS first thing in the morning to access internet in their computer lab.  Thank you almighty for approving my scholarship and loan.  The scholarship covers the tuitions fees for less than 10k as budgeted for Master student and the loan meant for my cost of living.  I used up quite amount of my saving for the initial start and to settle down here which leave me dry now.  The approval relief my worries on how am I going to sustain myself living in Penang. Oh well. Everything happened for a reason. 

Oh I looooooove Queensbay! It makes me feel like 1Utama located in KK ( meaning: huge mall with seafront view). Did I tell ya, I went straight to their Forever 21 store?? OMG. I went ga-ga & I’m losing my mind there. Oh gosh, no need to go to KL anymore as I can get my whole wardrobe in F21, Queensbay. No, no! Bad habit! Hello new wardrobe! 😛

I see familiar store that I’ve missed so bad (and my wishlist for KK).  Sakae sushi. TGIF. Topshop. Forever 21. Diva. Etc.

Tomorrow task: 

  1. To find out my way to Queensbay using public transportation.
  2. To find out who staying next door. I guess she hasn’t check-in yet.
  3. To sort out relevant documentation for the scholarship & loan.
  4. To get ready for classes! Woohoo!
  5. To iron my shirts & skirts.
  6. Off to Tesco Extra (again) for my shoes organizer. I need one for my 2 slippers, 1 flats, 1 croc, 3 heels (see, I am not taking my whole shoes collection)
  7. Need to find regular kaki’s  and/or Penangites for hawker stall feast. Anyone?


I saw a very nice future development (but heavily expected adverse impacts) of land reclamation along Jelutong Highway by one of the biggest developer. I hope they are using silt trap with small mesh to control the impact of activity to the sea.  Did I tell ya I adore their condominium and another on-going development next to the posh condo? Oh, and their office building stand handsome & tall along the expressway. Oh, I loike!

 Is anyone visiting me here next week? Anyone care enough to know how am I doing here? I wonder how is he doing. Kau ok ka boss

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  1. Anne Juan says:

    Wah Ida, you’re lucky to get into International House. There’s one International House here in my uni, and they have different sorts of nationalities and the facilities there are up notch! Not sure if it’s similar to your accommodation. Anyway, have a feel around the block, I’m sure you will find things there interesting, or at least exciting. He he. Here in Sydney, I’m staying in a fully furnished apartment, not International House though, c’oz it’s slightly expensive. But I love this place all the same. Wish you all the best for your coming classes! =) Hug from Sydney!

    P/s: sorry to hear about the bathroom poor ventilation. Must be quite uncomfortable. Put a lot of Glade in there. Hehe.

  2. anggun3 says:

    Wow? top notch facilities there? I doubt that’s the case here in Malaysia. ha,ha. At least, I have the freedom staying here rather than those student hostels. Well fully furnished apartment sounds cool! I wanna rent an apartment too here, but the one I like cost a bomb. LOL. Penang land is expensive!

    erk.. I’m getting used to the bathroom. Yep.. need to put lotsa glade etc.

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