Sketching my way up!

Finally! I can go online from my room. OMG. You can’t imagine what kind of hassle i have to gone thru in order to activate my celcom broadband. Stupid Digi put my name in the black list due to closing of my previous postpaid account amounting 16.20RM not yet cleared. As far as I can remember, I deciced to close the account at 1Borneo digi centre & I settle the payment.  The digi rep should have asked me to clear the balance instead of just listing my name in their black list. Due to the black list, celcom refused to register me to their broadband account unless I clear my name. Dang. I was so freaking pissed when the guy that supposed to help me register called and said he can’t register me.  I was on the way to EPF in Bayan Baru with my classmates.  I asked her to drop me off to Queensbay so that I can settle my case with digi. Oh, and dang, the one in Queensbay is not the digi centre. They refer me to the nearest at Bukit Jambul Complex. Shit. So i went back to the campus empty-handed (OK, not entirely empty-handed. I managed to grab a discounted jeans at Forever 21, haha). To cut a long story short. I settled everything, and here I am.. blogging from my room.  and guess what? celcom broadband connection sucks. But i got no choice. 

For all the time I’m not online, I’ve been spending my time sketching trees and landscape.  It’s hard, I tell you! My first assignment, I totally failed composing a nice, artistic sketching. Mine looks like a botanical, scientific drawing. It is a technique for a representation and scientific interpretation. I can’t help it! I’ve been drawing scientifically throughout my undergraduate years. There are no shading and coloring in scientific drawing. It should be clear, neat and accurate. I really need to practice back on how to do arty sketching. So dear lecturer, sorry that my first assignment sucks. I am still not used to it.  

Anyway, second assignment require me to sketch a nice landscape composition with pencils and pen. I love sketching using pen & been doodling with pen on my sketch book. ekekeke.

Seriously, I need more practice. more example to improve my sketching skills. I am way behind others. There were 11 of us in the class. A mixture of local & international students. 🙂 We’re going for the oversea trip soon! We’re going for hiking this monday studio class! woohoo! 

BTW, I’m browsing amazon & other local e-bookstore, thinking of buying one bible for landscape arch. I almost faint by just looking at the price. More than half a thousand for a book?? Oh, I need sugar daddy now. hahahaah! Gotta check out Borders for books this weekend. 🙂

Please don’t laugh at my sketching below. 


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