Cocktail P, Starhill Gallery

Yesterday (21/11/07) we checked out from the hotel around 10 am & took a cab back to MC. We were planning to crash in to the Cocktail Reception at Shook! as the occasion require invitation card to get in only. sigh.

We arrived at Bukit Bintang around 2pm & had lunch at Kenny Roger at the Bintang Walk. We then went to Pavilion & went gaga at Forever 21. ha.ha. Sharon managed to grab some skinny jeans & me some lingerie. By the time we paid our purchases it was already 5.08pm! OMG! We’re going to be late to do stalking & crashing party.

We were walking around the Starhill Gallery & looking for back entrance etc as IM SO sure they will not enter the building from the main entrance. I didn’t realize that there is a bridge connecting Starhill Gallery & Ritz Carlton!

So by the time we get to the entrance of Ritz Carlton, plenty of reporters, photographers & fans were already waiting at the entrance. I asked one lady tourist whats happening (pretend that i don’t know what happening, haha) & she said the tennis players going to arrive from the airport soon!
Yes, indeed soon was only a couple of minutes! Pete & Roger came in black merc.
Some huha going on when the press took pictures of them because somebody pushing the photographer & he was pissed off & making scene! Not a good image to potray Malaysian image to the number 1 tennis player.

The chinese friendly & helpful event management guy helped me to take pictures of Roger during the firsh photoshoot at the entrance! thanks to him! muah! We were then followed the crowd to the level 1 of the hotel, the conference room where press conference going to be held. Of course the same guy said fans are not allowed to enter. So we were just hang out outside the conference room. We chat with few other tennis fans hoping to get an autograph from the player & snap some photos. We chat with a good looking guy in bright green polo tee, lady with 2 daughters that managed to get Nadal signature & grab his bicep (LOL), young lady named Cheryl & his husband, super hardcore fan of Pete Sampras in grey shirt guy & others. We were chatting over the tournament, our favourite player & even attempt to get their autograph & pictures. It may sound silly but this is what the usual fans will do. ha.ha. the lady with kids has a guts to STOP Pete & get his autograph.

Pete wasn’t really into interacting with his fan as compared to Roger. Pete walked straight in to the Conference room, private meeting with YTL chairman & even to Shook!. I managed to walk next to Pete & asking his autograph but he was just looking at me with some smile but thats all. No autograph, photos with him etc. I talked to him when we were walking from the hotel to the Starhill Gallery bridge.

As for Roger, he actually stopped & sign a couple of autograph before entering the press conference & promised will go out & sign for us again. He take care of his fan very well! 🙂 sharon managed to get her journal & tennis ball sign by him. I took a lot of pictures at every angle showing his cute face. He’s super tall in person!

Oh, on the way to the Shook!, i managed to tap Roger’s gf shoulder and chat with her!
I asked her can i take picture with her? And she replied sorry she can’t because if she take picture with me other fans will follow the lead etc. She’s so polite! surprising! Because when you look at her, she NEVER smile. Anyway, I said ‘alright, it’s okay. Can you say hi to him (Roger)? and she said ‘sure’. I thank her after than and she & the rest of the guards went down to the Shook! area. I went down too, using the same escalator! 🙂 seems like im part of the group. ha.ha.

anyway, i took some shots of them at the stage etc & left the building.
We drop by to the nearest starbuck & ordered my toffee nut frap & some sandwich for dinner. and thats all the excitement today. Glad that we managed to get something from the outing. SO it wasn’t so wasted after all (even after the disapointment that Nadal is not in Malaysia already).

I’ll blog again later for the Clash of the Times. got to go and sleep now. ciao.

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