Clash of Times

Sat, 24 November 2007; 2.06 pm.
Currently Im in Starbucks Amcorp Mall having my third toffee nut latte this week. argh. i gotta stop drinking this thing, it bloat me up but i cant stop having this as it is super yummy!
Anyway, just a short post for today basically will review on the latest huge tournament in Malaysia; the most anticipated & yet, quite dissapointing (I feel like it, others would feel otherwise i guess) match between Roger Federer & Pete Sampras.

Yes, I managed to get to see them up-close at Ritz-Carlton where they were staying & Roger r so damn gorgeous. flawless skin, VERY tall & take care of his fan VERY well. I talked to the girlfriend too!! Mirka, she look so distant & never smiles etc but when i tap her shoulder & asked her about photos etc she politely reject to take picture with me, i expected she would just trash me & say sorry i dont take pictures with fans but she did it with grace & manners. So yeah, Im happy 🙂

Ok the game wasn’t that good & wasn’t that bad either. Pete still with his aces & cross court shots & so did Roger. Pete even ‘bully’ some of umpire & balls boy (Ha,ha) & everybody had fun watching the tournament. It was like ‘friendly match’ between the two as compared with Nadal & Gasquet match is more like a real tournament. Even Sharon expected this match to be boring. But it wasn’t that boring though, just not up to what we expected. ha.ha

Our seat was at the VERY last row of the stadium which from the seat, we can see a very tiny dot of 2 playing tennis. So as usual, I went down to the rm400+ zone & sat on the stairs with others professional or amateur photographers with their huge lenses & dSLRs. I, however sat there with my 3MP small olympus camera. Ha,ha. Kinda feel a lil’ bit embarrassed but I don’t care. However, I managed to get good shots of Federer & Sampras even with my 3MP digital camera. i SO want a dSLR! When i get a job later on I’ll save enough cash & buy one! SOMEDAY! 🙂

Yesterday late afternoon, Sharon & I walked to the 11th tennis court & had a final match together (Sad, Im leaving KL soon while she will be losing tennis playmate). We both sucks at the game. ha.ha. but had fun playing together. Hopefully we’ll still play this gentlemen’s game even after leaving university. sob.sob. We then had dinner at 12th College cafeteria. She had her yummy tomyam soup & im having my salty fish fried rice. Both still taste the SAME! ha.ha. Im SOOO going to miss UM. seriously.

I just bought Heroes Season 1 DVD & 2 other movie DVDs & TLC greatest hits (for 10 bucks! ha.ha. & it is original, mind u!). Will watch these soon & I got nothing else to do.
Piare just text me too hoping to go out with me tonight to the party at 1Utama tonight. Too bad i got another plan tonight, if not i’ll sure looove to hang out with her. She’s fun! hehe.

Oh yeah, my internet account got suspended. Seems that I finished up my 350 hours in 20days. Ha.ha. Serve me well!

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  1. tramadol says:

    🙂 Alot of information, I have hever seen before a such useful thing. Thank you 🙂

  2. anggun3 says:

    ha,ha are you referring to the tournament or ..? 😛

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