Why do I keep blogging when I know no one is reading? Hmmm blogging is a substitute to keeping journal or diary & yes, I keep one of those when I was a teenager. Now blogging is more relevant to me as I can keep it posted online as well as reducing the usage of paper. LOL.

Anyway, I’m addicted to Heroes. I love the storyline as the character evolves slowly throughout the series. You will always want to know what is going to happen next at the end of every episode (isn’t all series episode ended like this eh?). I love all the characters; Claire, Mr Bennet, Nathan (!!!), Isaac & even Hiro & Ando. Ha,ha. I love the way in which all the characters related to each other & how they can ‘save the world’. Lol. Can’t wait for the next season of Heroes. I read some of the spoilers already! Ha.ha.

Gosh I can’t believe I choose to study over TV series. I sacrificed 3-4 years of my life for university & I’m way behind all the good TV shows. I am going to catch up with 24 later on. My friend said it is VERY addictive as well.

Went out for another toffee nut craze. I bought the muffin this time. So its toffee nut muffin for my dinner tonight then. I should stop eating all these & switch to healthy food. And I should stop reducing my caffeine intake as well as my constant visit to fast food chain. I’m degrading my health with all these stuff. Though I work out more than before now but I should take more healthy & nutritious food.

By the way, I am 109 lbs now! Yeay! Initially, 3 years back I want to achieve my ideal weight 120 lbs so I forced myself to stay healthy by working out; cardio, weight-lifting, tennis & walk as I was so unfit, chubby etc. Though I still am chubby & not-so-fit but I shrink. My goal now is to increase my metabolism & turning my fat to muscles. Ha.ha. Good luck iDa!

Last night I had this crazy dream that I become a professional sports photographer. LOL. Seriously! Maybe I should take photography seriously, like a profession. OK will continue writing again later!

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