The one & only

People think being the only one would be cool; would get everything she/he wants; would get all the attention; would get anything he/she wishes.

Well you are wrong.

I think it is a burden to the one & only as too much pressure being channel to the one & only. Hope, expectation are the burden to the one & only as well. And worse, life of the one & only will be based on how they wants the one & only. OK I know I repeated the phrase ‘one & only” so many times. This is to emphasize that this is the real issue the one & only faced.

What if the one & only wants a different life from what is expected from the guardian? What if the one & only wants more than what life has to offer? What if the one & only wants to make his/her own decision? What if the one & only wants to achieve his/her own ambition, expectation, hope; rather different from what is being expected & hoped for from the guardian? What will the one & only do?

Will he/she follow the expectation & hope from the one who raised him/her or would he/she will go his/her own way?

If he/she follows whats being expected & hoped for, would he/she be happy with his/her life?

Or, if he/she follows what he/she wants; his/her own expectation & hope; would he/she will hurt the guardian; & letting down them?

Which path will he/she should choose?

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