I am beginning to realize that blogging is addictive when you are too free. Ha.ha.
I don’t even know what to write for this one as I am out of topic. It’s just that I ‘feel’ like writing something.

Nothing much happening today, just that I went out for lunch at Klang; went to restaurant selling delicious porridge. Then hung out at the Indian shop nearby for ‘teh tarik’ and chat. Thought of going to the court today but it was raining around 4.45 pm right until late evening. Sigh.

Seriously I am having a thought of just going back home & see what opportunity I have there to spread my wing. Sigh. Having the ‘conversation’ with the great one too made me realize that. Feels like I am losing my hope & let it just go with the flow. Guess I got no other choice as to go back & follow what will be planned for me. Gosh, I feel like a loser.


Enough said.

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