I just came back from the Gardens, Mid Valley for another round of shopping. ha.ha. I decided to take control of my life & my dressing. It means that i shall start wearing things formally & trying to keep up the good attitude. No more being a baby for me. sigh.

I got to grow up. whether i like it or not, its a fact that i can’t avoid. No one can. Unless I have the superpower to stop & travel through time by manipulating the space/time continuum. ha.ha.

I bought a long sleeve white shirt with a little bit of pleated on the chest & a black knee-length skirt. GOSH i look like a waitress! LOL. I want to buy another long sleeve black shirt but i can’t find any that i imagined it would be. Thinking of buying another pastel color shirts too but most of the shirts available are with stripes. SO NOT ME. OK i can’t be choosy but I want a plain shirt for starters with different colors & all. Not with flowers, stripes etc.

I am thinking of buying appropriate black shoes & bag too. I mean, DECENT ones. ha.ha. I saw one black CK & DKNY black bag; square & plain the other day in Robinson but then when i went back to the corner; none of that bag available there. So sad. Im not interested with other bags there. I think thats the ONE. but sadly, I can’t get on hold of it. sigh.

As for black shoes, I didn’t get to spot any that I like. I want a plain black shoes with heels; perhaps 3 inches. Nevermind. Will find at another mall or something.

Anyway, I kind of notice on how people dress to work today. Some look good; real good if everything matches & perfectly fit but some can be not so nice as eg; loose blouse, color doesn’t compliment with the fabric. It’s disasterous. I am just hoping I won’t be in the later category & a fashion victim.

I saw another shop with a very nice office attire on the dummy where they clothed the dummy with a white long sleeve shirt with a black vest. catchy! It looks nice! heh.

Ok will write again later. thinking of going to tennis now; nice weather but I am too lazy to walk. yelp!

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